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Hello. I'm Ashy, a keen traveler, general dabbler and fair-to-middling cook. Welcome to my mobile-web-home. This is where I keep all my veggie recipes, plus some of my best travel photos, a few cartoons and some home-made music. Come in and browse around. You'll probably find something you'll like.

I like eating, I like cooking and I like experimenting with my food, so if you're looking for culinary inspiration, follow the link to my vegetarian recipes and you'll find loads of simple and quick and healthy vegetarian and vegan recipes that I've picked up on my wanderings or discovered while trying out new ingredients. I've indexed the recipes in different ways so you can search recipes for particular types of dish or using a particular ingredient. There's also a page of fat-free and low-calorie recipes.

..but this site's not just about veggie cooking. Have a look around and you'll also come across a bunch of cartoons about food, animals, vegetarians and other things; loads of photos from places I've visited; a selection of sound tracks I've recorded; some video clips and various other odds and ends, many with a touch of Scottish flavour.

Recipe of the week
is baked red cabbage with cashew sauce.

For the travelling vegetarian....
How to say 'I am vegetarian' in various languages.

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